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Michael Ott, founder of Nanolocity Games, has created and designed dozens of tabletop games over the past two decades. Through Kickstarter he launched his first game out into the world: Bricks & Brutes in July of 2020, followed by Hexinos and Draw or Swipe.

Brickwerx was launched in 2023,

and coming very soon is 4321.

In addition to online sales, Michael has a booth at local craft fairs (see 'Shop Inperson' for upcoming fairs).

"It has been a long-term dream to get my games published and enjoyed by families around the world. I've started a campaign to publish my games in small batches through Kickstarter. My first game, Bricks & Brutes, was a success and provided the foundation for me to keep pursuing my  dream of getting my games into the hands of people around the world who want to enjoy unique, table top games".


Michael Ott - Founder


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