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A six sided twist on dominos - set yourself up for big multiple-edge scores. The more edges you match, the bigger the score multiplier. Take a commanding lead with a single perfectly placed tile.

Simple and easy to play with plenty of opportunities to swipe points out from under your opponent's carefully laid plans.

Ages 6+

2 - 5 players, 20 - 30 minutes to play a round

"From the moment I got Hexinos it's been a different experience than these so called "Classic Games"...   Directions were simple enough that my 13 year old daughter was able to learn and teach myself and her 7 year old sister how to play the game. The tiles are quality and I feel this game won't easily fall apart... This Tetris99 Lover in me gives Hexinos a solid 9. Will definitely play again!"

- Lake Leafly, EverythingBoardGames

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