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Be the first player to complete your wall before the Queen changes her mind, other players steal your bricks or the dragon eats your Mason.

This castle wall building game is targeted for 8 to 13 year olds, but people of all ages love to play. It is quick to learn, easy to play and engaging for all. There is plenty of player versus player interaction as well as mutual setbacks for all.

2 - 4 players, 25 - 30 minutes to play

"[It’s] a simple to learn, easy to play, quick game, with a great table presence due to some great components... 
My children really enjoyed the game. They loved stacking up their bricks, placing their pawns on the walls, and most of all the take-that element of the game. They loved rolling dragons and picking a worker to eat. They liked raiding another player’s camp with their brutes and stealing a brick. They cheered when they got a good roll on the die and laughed when someone rolled something that didn’t help them. "

Moe T.    the TableTopBellHop


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Deluxe Kit


How to play the game... in 90 seconds

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